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People all over the world love our house cleaning list program. Try it free for 30 days, and you will too! The comments below are just a sampling of the comments we have received.

I just have to say that your program and the service that you provide is amazing. It's very rare that you find something that is actually a time/lifesaver that also has such a fantastic support system. Kudos for you on keeping this up. I have had this program for I think about 4-5 years now and you are the same person that I've dealt with every time I've had an issue. You've always managed to get it resolved for me. It's good to know that there are still businesses that provide such excellent service with such a useful tool. Thanks Again for all your help − Cheyanna B.

I just LOVE this program--and I want to use it faithfully --it has already made a WORLD of difference in my attitude and positive outlook--I feel like I've got more help now and that things are getting done!!!! − Lisa S.

I just want to thank you for this program. The fact that you went through completing it has substantially changed the dynamics of our household. I have been recently divorced and have 4 children ranging from twin thirteen year old boys, a ten year and one year old girl... Thanking you kindly and all the best for the future. − Shannyn

My laptop crashed and I'm having to replace it - can you please send me the link so that I can download the program again? I am totally lost without it! In just 24 hours without Let's Clean Up! my house is a complete mess and my kids are acting as if I've grown a second head when I ask them to do their chores - without the great printed lists I get from Let's Clean Up!, we are all lost! ... I have been struggling for years to find a system that worked for me to keep up with all my household chores and the kids' chores, too - your program was a godsend to me! It works wonderfully and my life has been so much more manageable and the kids have kept up with their chores like never before! ...

Thank you for providing such an incredible product and for all your help! − Jenn

Recently our computer caught fire (really! It was small but it was truly a fire.) We were able to restore some of the information on our new computer, but not the Let’s Clean Up... Please let me know what to do ... my house is a disaster without it! − Celeste

Thanks so much for both developing this program and for making it available at such a reasonable cost. As I mentioned to my e-support group when describing the product, I felt like I've been constantly reinventing the wheel over the past 22 years of marriage, always coming up with new job lists that had to be redone, by hand usually. Your program lets me see the big picture as well as break it down into little manageable steps and share the load a bit more with the rest of the family. Adjusting to the changes that life inevitably brings is now as simple as a couple of clicks of the mouse. Thanks again. I've been recommending your software to almost anyone who would listen to me and hope you've gotten some sales as a result. − Elise

House Cleaning List Program − Let’s Clean Up!

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− Jenny

Thank you very much for your excellent support, I really appreciate that. − Roy

I am using the trial version of your software and really like it! − Kim

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Thank you for the software. It was discussed in a chat for moms recently, and the votes were that everyone loves it, and I think you may have seen a spike in downloads that day. :-) I was curious about it because my oldest daughter and I were actually throwing the idea around of something similar, so it was really exciting to see someone else developed it! We had done a personal organizational one just for our family years ago, that needs to be redone now that the "toddlers" are 7 and 8! With five children and a six bedroom house, a database sure helps organize chores and housework! This is a really awesome program. − Kimberly


This software looks great.. Thanks for your help − and for making such a helpful program available! − Connie


What a great program!!! − Tom

Thanks, you all are the greatest!! − Ann

I really like the software. − Jeff

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I have told several friends about your program − I am one of the worst housekeepers in the world; it’s like the part of my brain that processes that particular task just doesn't work. I look at a messy room and literally have no idea where to start. Let’s Clean Up completely solved that problem for me. I can do what needs to be done more quickly because I don't have to fight through the confusion. Also, after really busy or bad times (such as my father's recent illness) when the chores back up, getting caught up seems overwhelming. Let’s Clean Up makes it so easy to get right back on track. I love this program and I NEED it. − Karen

I just downloaded your demo and found it very easy to use.
− Stephane

Everyone is raving about the program and we really can use it with nine children. − Suzi

My teenagers are using Let’s Clean Up! already,
it looks like a winner! − Rosalyn

This is such a cool program − I really love it! The kids finished ALL their chores within two hours with no griping. They added a new twist: now in addition to them signing the sheet, they make me sign it too, to show that I agree with what they have to do. ahhhhh. Thanks so much for such a wonderful program! − Ron    (Note: Ron's wife passed away and he is raising three daughters alone)

Wow I am already impressed with the program by getting a quick response to my support request. :) Thank you! I have heard wonderful things about the program. − Stefanie

We like the idea that we can give detailed instructions for each chore and we also found the price very attractive. − Stephen & Emmy

House Cleaning List Program − Let’s Clean Up!

I like the setup of your program and the ease of using it. − Kim

Thank you very much! The software seems to be exactly what I need. − Jester

Your program has changed our family. Thanks for the generous 30 day trial. Once you're hooked, you're hooked! The program makes my day, EVERY day!!!!
− Karen

I download a lot of programs from the Internet and then delete them because they are not well made. But Let’s Clean Up is so elegantly designed. − Alice

Having your software for the past month has revolutionized my household and has brought cleaning back into my life! − LauraLee

I love this software, I have recommended it to a ton of people. − Gayle

This has been one of the best purchases I have made. It has helped so much with our routine. − Tracy

I have truly enjoyed your program and have recommended it to several friends who have equally hectic schedules. Thank you for this product. − Melissa

For the first time in a very long time I am actually seeing progress in getting my house cleaned and de-cluttered. I have tried all sorts of methods and systems, but nothing seemed to work for me. I found your program while surfing the net looking for some new ideas to get organized. Lets-clean-up is so simple and flexible but the best thing is that it works. I check off my finished chores in the evening and print out the next days list. When I get up the next morning I know what I am going to do and the list helps keep me focused and on track. I had unexpected company the other day and it was so nice to just say, "Come on in." And I have only been using the program for about a week and a half. I am also finding that while I am getting things done and staying on top of things I am also having free time to do the creative things I love to do too. So, I want to thank you for putting this program together. It is just great and I love it. − Mary

Try our house cleaning program − you will love it!

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