Review of Let's Clean Up! by Housework Haters Club

Let me start this product review by telling you that I am a married big kid with two kids and a dog in a 5 bedroom home with a very busy and hectic schedule. No matter what, even though I clean every single day, my house is always a mess.

Hate housework, try Let’s Clean Up!No matter how much I do, which is a lot everyday, it never seems organized and I never have that feeling of accomplishment.

Everyday I face the same dishes, dirty laundry and wet towels, toilets that the kids seem to forget to flush and orange baseball clay on the floor. Even though I did all this yesterday, it’s back again today. I always VOW to do a better job, but somehow it always gets away from me.

Sometimes I ask my Mother who lives 5 minutes away to come over and spend the day with me. Somehow when she is here, she keeps me on my toes. Things get done quickly and efficiently. I can clean and organize a linen closet better when Mom is here. Washing and drying and actually ‘PUTTING’ away laundry is so much easier and fun with my Mom. Well, my Mom can’t be here everyday and although I am very mature in every other aspect of my life, I really need to grow up when it comes to housekeeping. I should be able to make it better and more organized.

I got this opportunity to review this software program for free from My first thought prior to downloading was how could this be necessary. Who would need a software program to get the job done.

Well, I feel ashamed to admit it but obviously it’s something that somebody like me needs. It’s the organized housekeeper I don’t have, or it’s my Mother standing here directing me on what to clean. It’s the adult pointing their finger at me reminding me what needs to be done. It’s something that perhaps I actually really needed. Obviously I know what needs to be done; I just forget the details half the time. With this wonderful program, it tells me what to do, it makes me accountable for doing it and if I cheat, I am only cheating myself, and I don’t like to lose or cheat.

I downloaded the program and was happy to see it downloaded in less than 30 seconds with my high speed internet connection. I quickly browsed through the program, still skeptical of why this would be necessary and how is this different than making my own to-do list, and suddenly realized, it is a pretty neat concept. I was able to customize the list with chores that are important to me as well as the standard chores that are already listed. You can enter: clean the junk drawer, check the spices expiration dates, or rotate stock in the pantry or freezer, sanitize the bathroom shower mat, whatever your needs are. Problem in real life is, I remember these things when making my own lists, but not often enough, and with this program, once you take, maybe the 30 minutes it takes to customize it, it’s done for you forever. All you have to do is print the list and check the items off, and VOILA! Housework is done and it’s done RIGHT!

By printing the list, it made it real for me. It was more like a job and a mission that I had to do. Apparently I need the guidance. It became a game. I could do this, I did it, and I felt great afterwards. It was a great tool to keep me focused and on task.

I always forget that I need to organize the linen closet, or the game/arts-n-crafts closet, or dust the furniture in the guest room, or organize my bills and clean the home office. You can customize these lists to whatever your cleaning and organizing needs are.

The program allows you to customize whether each task is done daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Also, you can customize by names and whose chore it is. I had a few questions and utilized the help screen and it answered all my questions and was so simple to use.

This would work great with the kids. Print out the list, they check it off when complete, you check their work and perhaps they earn a privilege or a treat or a sticker, whatever is age appropriate. They must complete them prior to texting, gaming, computing or going out. Whatever it takes to motivate them and you, to stay on task.

I like the idea of coming into my office in the morning or the night before and printing the next list and seeing what needs to be done. This way, once my kids go to school, I can finish my coffee and immediately get busy instead of staring at the overwhelming messes and getting sidetracked. Usually I throw in a load of laundry and start the dishes, but quickly want a break and before you know it, I am on the computer, stopping to make lunch (making a further mess) and then before I know it, it’s time to pick the kids up from school and nothing really got accomplished. Especially when you are trying to work from home, you may work but it seems the house is in a never ending cycle of one room spotless, the others trashed. It is a never ending cycle with no real sense of accomplishment. At 41 years old, do I really need someone over my shoulder telling me that if I get home from dropping the kids off at school by 8:10 a.m., immediately get busy with a checklist, I can be done by 10:30 with a spotless house? YES, apparently I do. Printing a checklist off, kept me on track, showed me what needed to be done so I didn’t get off task. I am famous for going to get the mop and passing a pile of something and cleaning that up, and forgetting what I even went into the room for? Oh, right the mop. This is working for me. I get the job done and check it off, and then I am done for the day. Just like schoolwork. I complete my assignments. I’m a big girl!

I also like that I recycle the sheets by turning them over and I write my additional to-do lists for the day, everything I need to remember. I write grocery items, phone calls to make etc. It’s my journal for the day.

I also realized, if you do have a cleaning service or cleaning person, it’s a great tool for them too. You can print off the checklist of the rooms and items you’d like them to clean when they are there. Also the rotation of cleaning the baseboards, crown molding, ceiling fans, window sills, dusting the china cabinet etc., this will keep your house spotless, by using the checklist.

Now I can do it myself and be like a professional. My house is looking much better. It’s really working for me and I am happy I have the tool. I’m raising my hand, yes, my name is Robyn and I need a housekeeping manager and this software program is just the manager I need! Check it out for yourself. You can download it for free and use it for 30 days and see if it works for you. Would love to hear your thoughts!

~ Robyn @YouDreamIDream on Twitter (Housework Haters Club Review Board Member) September 16, 2009

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