Review of Let's Clean Up! by Lifetime Upgrades

Hate housework, try Let’s Clean Up!LifetimeUpgrades has installed Lets Clean Up! Plus on a Windows 64-bit operating system using the default install settings and installation went perfectly.

Upon using this software, we were presented with a wizard format to get us started and led us right through the setup of chores and activities that needed to be accomplished.

We were pleased with the interface, wizard, and results of this software.  If you are a working parent with children who has chores or activities to accomplish on a daily basis, weekly basis, or a monthly basis, this software could definitely help you.  Even if you yourself have chores or tasks that need to be achieved for a single time or perpetually, this software will help you organize your life to get them done.

Lets Clean Up! Plus schedule is definitely customizable to the user who can add or delete their own tasks and chores.  With an easy to print application like this, it won't make you accomplish those annoying little to dos but it will actively let you know when they need to be accomplished to keep things clean and tidy.

With a little creativity, this software could also be used in your daily business when employees or yourself have projects or tasks that must be accomplished by a certain deadline or you have an ongoing set of tasks.

We at highly recommend this software for those who find it difficult to maintain a clean home or to get the chores accomplished in a timely manner.  With a low price this developer is offering the software along with a lifetime upgrade policy, we also feel this is a great buy.

Editor's Rating: Features, interface, stability and usability are rated 5 out of 5: Excellent

~ August 31, 2010

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