Review of Let's Clean Up! by Softoxi

Softoxi says try Let’s Clean Up!Nobody likes a dusty and dirty house, but it is a little hard to like cleaning it too. This task usually gets to be done by moms, sisters and so on. If you are one of them, you sure know how difficult it is to convince your family to participate at the house cleaning activity, because when that day comes, everybody has something better to do and you wake up alone and with a lot of chores to do. Even harder is to figure out what things must be done, what is the order of their importance, how much time will each task consume and so on. The best solution to stop wasting your time, is to use "Let's Clean Up! Plus" software, which will help you organize and manage household chores.

Let's Clean Up! Plus enables the user to easily create, maintain, and evaluate a schedule of cleaning and maintenance activities for his home. A good management of your chores will help you keep up with the initial cleaning plan, by displaying a list of tasks that you must fulfill without doing anything extra.

Let's Clean Up! Plus was designed as a future rich, yet easy to use application, for the everyday use. Because this software was created in order to ease the tedious task of housecleaning, it features a very intuitive to use interface with the purpose of not making your work heavier than already is.

This smart application comes with some predefined possible tasks for every room of your house, but you can always add, delete, or modify chores and their frequency. Also, you can add or delete rooms and edit their names in any way you want. Each mission can be assigned to a family member, but you can always switch their chores by creating rotation lists, that can be edited, deleted or rearranged. You can program each chore to repeat in any number of days, weeks, or months.

If you want to convince your family to join you, the best way to to that is to transform the housecleaning process into a contest. Just assign a number of points to each family member and, at the end, compare the results and offer prizes for the the most hard working persons.

Whenever you are ready to start cleaning, press the "Ready to clean" button, and the program will generate the duty list for that day. You can always print your lists, in order to see exactly what you have to do, without wandering through the program. Once you accomplish a task, use the finished cleaning checklist to mark it as done. You will never miss a cleaning day anymore, because Let's Clean Up! Plus is here to remind you that your deadline has come and you have to start making your house look nice.

By using Let's Clean Up! Plus, you will finish your chores easier, you will gain more time for yourself and it will make your life easier. Stop doing overwhelming lists of chores, use Let's Clean Up! Plus and you will see how both your house and life will instantly look better.

Lets Clean Up! Plus video tutorial at Editor's Opinion: Housecleaning is not exactly the favorite activity of a person, but if you start using Let's Clean Up! Plus software, you will get to accomplish your chores with ease. This smart and professional application really knows how to point out the part of the glass that is half full. Also, free to try!

~ August 25, 2011

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