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Download Let’s Clean Up!
Download Let’s Clean Up!

For Windows 98
Windows 10

Download and Installation Instructions:

  • To begin, click the "Download" button to the left.
  • When the download starts, click "Run" if available. Otherwise, click "Save" and then open the downloaded file.
  • If you encounter any problems downloading or installing the program, please check our FAQs page for a solution or send an email to Let’s Clean Up! support

Note: All program features are available to trial users, and all the information created during your trial will be available to you when you register the program.

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Download and Installation Video:

Watch this video if you want to see what you can expect to happen during the download and installation process.

Other Video Tutorials:

We've put together a number of other videos to help you get the most out of using Let's Clean Up!.


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